A total communicational approach for the connected age


Social Networking is changing how legal professionals recruit, job hunt, network, locate and discredit witnesses, manage their careers and interact with clients. 

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are key marketing tools, helping lawyers and legal professionals reach a broad audience and accomplish branding, advertising and client development goals.

What will happen over the next few years is a change in focus. Firms will begin to take a closer look at their client base, getting to know the groups that matter to them.

Law firms are starting to leverage their knowledge and expertise to generate their own virtual assets and distribute their content through the most effective channels.


ZEPOS & YANNOPOULOS is one of the longest established Greek law firms providing legal and tax services to foreign entities doing business in Greece.

We set 3 strategic goals for the project:

BRANDING: Strengthen company’s image and brand awareness for current and potential clients.

LEADERSHIP PROFILE: Communicate authority and modern profile connotation.

LEAD GENERATION: Generate new leads and convert to clients.

Our work aimed at redesigning an optimum ZEYA.com website asset, creating thorough SEO tactics, establishing robust and consistent Email Marketing, leveraging social platforms and sharing tactics distributing their unique content, providing a structured Publishing Strategy of their virtual assets followed by a detailed Media Strategy and Online Marketing tactics for integration and tracking.

This approach enabled ZEPOS & YANNOPOULOS law firm to address Customers, recruit  Prospects and create Advocates for the law firm.

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