Design and development of Tourism Product Portfolio


Tinos, an island in the Cyclades on the Aegean sea, approached TenFour to create a comprehensive marketing plan for the promotion of the island as a destination in key European markets. Apart from a logo, Tinos had no other brand elements as a destination. Tenfour assumed the task of researching and mapping the key destination characteristics, identifying key product categories to be promoted, selecting primary and secondary target markets and developing key content axes and a visual identity toolkit to be utilized by the Municipality in its own media channels.



Tenfour captured the essence of Tinos in one phrase: “The Aegean Muse”, which expresses the many unique traditions, the warmth and creativity of its people as well as the multidimensionality and promise it offers as a destination.

The visual executions were inspired by key architectural elements specific to the island, as well as the colours and light of the Aegean in which Tinos is located. The brand identity is applied across all product categories, creating the brand consistency and differentiation necessary to support an evolving brand. The triangular shapes echo the pigeon houses on the island but also the many facets of the kaleidoscope, as many as the facets of life and activities that Tinos offers.

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