The Project

One of the leading brands in the HR industry, Optimal HR Group, has built an international presence and continuous optimal performance by providing integrated services to its global clients. As an ambassador of continuous evolution, growth, science-based consultation, and change, Optimal HR Group keeps adapting its business offering to innovate, meet and exceed customer expectations and trends.

So, they assigned our team with their rebranding to better reflect their current business status and vision. Part of it was the restructuring of their business entities to serve an innovative holistic approach and to better accommodate arising customer needs. Our team worked on a new tagline that emphasized the human-centric approach of the brand and the business scope that entails every aspect of human growth in the professional landscape.

The new tagline “Human Reinforced” is a powerful testament to the brand’s aspiration and also hinders wordplay with HR. It conveys the brand’s promise to support all the aspects of human potential in a broad scope. The new logo is a visual representation of the holistic approach that the brand has taken on and also represents the endless circle of growth that never stops spinning. It also brings out key ingredients of the brand’s DNA: the focus on neuroscience, the focus on optimal results, and the growth vision. The corporate colors are a balanced evolution of the brand’s legacy and its future-focused mentality.

To launch the new branding, we created a series of key communications materials both for internal and external target audiences.

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