Why didn't you show us this in the beginning..?


Omilia = Speech

The faculty or power of speaking; oral communication; ability to express one’s thoughts and emotions through speech, sounds, and gesture


“They had to provide a whole speech to us to really comprehend how their software converts sounds into data that are then matched to semantic entities that represent answers found in other information systems”.


To put it in other words, Omilia’s system is the one that understands you when you talk to a machine over the phone and say “Book a ticket to New York on the 17th of May”, and then “magically”, your travel confirmation and e-ticket appear in your mail box!


Our task was to explain this “magic” and express it through real life examples, so that prospect clients and partners understand Omilia’s unique technology and solutions.


We are being told that in one client presentation, after several hours of discussion and lots of technical jargon, Omilia showed them the video and the client remarked “Why didn’t you show us this in the beginning?”


Here is a simple but eloquent video that brought what Omilia does to life.


Production by Stefi Productions.

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