EUROPA PROFIL - climbing to the top!

An innovative idea, a cost-effective budget and a big resulting impact!


EUROPA, the leading aluminum constructor in Greece, had launched the new Hybrid product line which offered more insulation than ordinary ones and subsequently saved money out of energy bills.
1. Marketing: raising brand awareness in promoting the competitive advantage
2. Communicational: high impact and user engagement


The oil price increases during 2013 provided room for searching alternative heating sources. Consumers did not have aluminum systems as alternative to energy savings in their mindset. Aluminum systems communication was clattered by product-based, technical information Aluminum Systems are low involvement / high investment products. They are not sexy or engaging product to communicate.

The usual low budget, high expectations objective.


Tenfour suggested a creative and media agnostic way to promote and communicate the advantages of the new Hybrid product.

We created an activation that combined offline action with online communication while producing rich media content which engaged users in all platforms: online, offline, press, TV. Our aim was to attract attention, call for participation and subsequently communicate the product to the users in a storytelling way avoiding the classic communicational cliché of the category.

Thus, a Saturday’s breaking dawn found a huge team climbing and carrying heavy aluminum equipment up to the Giona mountain refuge home, to replace the old, dripping windows and doors ensuring warm hospitality for the climbers and walkers in the area.

The experiment involved research, preparation and the actual expedition to the mountain using trucks, people and manual transferring of the systems through the mountain paths by hand! All the experiment was recorded through the scrutinising lenses of Marios Theologis and the MATH Studio team producing multimedia material (pictures and video) and communicational material for the activity.

Even in the toughest time there is still room for novelty and creativity!

Let the climbing begin!

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