Some labelled it “the first foursquare campaign in Greece”


Much discussion is made these days over the effectiveness of digital and social media. And the challenge of convincing clients with all-digit figures and measurements borrowed from traditional advertising is huge. Investing in a social media campaign, requires first and foremost a different way of understanding ROI.


For our first client, the Electronet appliances retail chain, with more than 70 outlets throughout Greece, we felt our real challenge was delivering tangible, immediate business results. After the Christmas frenzy, in-store traffic is significantly lower and our client wanted attract visitors and boost sales. Our challenge was simple: “why don’t we give an extra reason to perspective clients to visit our outlets this year?”



We set up a unique Foursquare based competition, aiming for the gadget loving, young audience carrying their smartphones everywhere. And it worked!

Store managers were thrilled with the extra traffic and Electronet asked us to extend our campaign until Valentine’s Day.

At the same time, we also launched Electronet’s official Facebook page, which saw dramatic increases in followers and engagement, quickly becoming our main vehicle for Electronet’s social media campaigns to date.

More importantly we established a new working model with our client, that no longer discriminates between on-line and offline spending but rather focuses on reach, incremental sales and, ultimately, ROI.

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