EKKA Yachts Identity Branding

A complete image redesign for the leading yachts company


EKKA Yachts has been a leading yachts company offering upscale services in the Greek market for more than 30 years. Their intention was to strengthen their brand identity to reflect the values of its luxury category and its upscale clientele, and upgrade the brand image.


We started from the basics. The EKKA Yachts logo has been around for decades, and has significant memorability. That was our starting point and our mission was to create a design that would instantly feel elegant even on a global scale. The resulting corporate ID bears distinct upmarket values and modernity while remaining classic and true to the brand. We applied the new logo on all elements that communicate the brand: Website, stationery, the company brochure, print ads, even the shopping bags!

See the website: www.ekkayachts.com

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