Gives the pulse of a new generation


EKKA, the largest Merceds-Benz dealer in Greece, came to us with 2 objectives:

  1. Marketing: raising awareness about the new A-Class launch and the new dealership location
  2. Communicationl: Strengthening of the progressive image of EKKA and driving traffic to the location


The Mercedes-Benz quality attributes convey leadership, elegance and sophistication. The brand’s tone of voice is low-profile, high quality, pull-marketing. The entirely new dealership location needed awareness and action: we wanted consumers to start visiting the new premises.
The trends however were against luxury cars, especially German ones; and the budget, as always, was low, while expectations remained high.



Our strategic goals were to create awareness, get people talking about the new A-Class and create product narratives that would travel among the users.

We knew that the client had developed a high quality communication channel via its Facebook page communicating daily to 5,000 devoted Mercedes-Benz aficionados. We wanted to take advantage of this community during the new launch campaign.

We aimed at user-generated content. We created a storytelling mechanism that would make users spread and share the content of the new launch. A mechanism that created word of mouth even before the new A-Class hit the road!

After all, the A-Class communication tagline was “the pulse of a new generation” and what a perfect chance to let the new generation create the pulse for it!

Thus, the first crowdsourcing and live streaming facebook application was born!

A mechanism that acted as input and as an aggregator of users’ messages.
“The Pulse of a new generation” traveled online (facebook) and offline (new dealership location) capturing the interest and engagement of a broad user base.

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