TenFour new office: smells like home


any factors come at play when choosing a working environment. Who should sit with whom? Who gets the bigger space with the side window overlooking the garden? What about the attic, office or play area? Do you decorate to convey style, or is it more important for a new office to feel familiar, especially for people working late nights?

Fortunately for us, our office space was love at first sight. A 1930′s three-floor house, in a green Athenian neighborhood, with a garden, fireplace in the old dinning (soon to become meeting) room, bathrooms with antiquities and cast iron bathtubs; and, of course, mosaic floors all over.

We just said yes and moved in. Each of us picked a loved spot with no quarrels instantly, easily, with no disagreement at all, because we all wanted to “live” there. Since then we feel like home and take care of our office like our home. And that involves treating our mosaic floors with green soap only, making sure no coffee mugs are left stranded on the marble kitchen sink, planting tomatoes in our garden and watering them on a daily basis.

Can’t wait for spring to come and hold meetings in our back yard. For some mysterious reason, we believe that good ideas fall from our trees…

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